Eight months ago, I joined Three60 Consult just as Auckland went into Lockdown. Like a lot of us, I thought it would be a short, sharp COVID battle and I remember optimistically suggesting to my boss that we push my start date out for a week.  Thank goodness she rejected my offer! Starting a new job in lockdown had its challenges, but returning to the office after an extended period, as many of us have found, presented just as many. It was a full six months after my start date before I finally sat at my desk. Even then, the emergence of Omicron meant the whole team was not able to come together. Rather, we worked in mini team bubbles. Today as I write, eight months have passed since my start date and I’m finally seeing the full team come together on a more regular basis.

Labour Inspectors hitting hard on Minimum Entitlements

Minimum entitlements are a long-established feature of the employment landscape in New Zealand and cannot be unknown to employers. Although calculating and paying bereavement, alternative days, public holidays and sick leave sounds simple enough, it is actually quite easy to get wrong – as has been demonstrated in multiple Authority and Employment Court cases.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion in Employment

According to Sir Isaac Newton, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is a fundamental law in mathematics and physics, more commonly referred to as Newton’s Third Law of Motion. This means there must also be a First and Second such Law, but perhaps for the purposes of this brief blog post we’d best leave those to the more enlightened to mull over! For now, we’ll focus just on the third, but what could this have to do with Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, many would ask?

Fair Pay Agreements - What are they and what could they mean for employers?

After teasing the prospect for the past few years, the Government finally released the Fair Pay Agreements Bill to Parliament. The purpose of this Bill is to set out the proposed framework for collective bargaining for industry-wide or occupation-wide minimum employment terms.

Is your Employment Relations Strategy still valid in 2022?

Nearly two years on from the emergence of Covid-19, everything has changed from our traditional way of working. Things are starting to settle into a new normal, however, with this new normal comes significant changes to the way that we work and the economic environment that we are working with.

Leave Support Schemes How To Pay Isolating Employees

We are about to enter a time where many Employers and Employees are going to be impacted by the requirements to isolate due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant. A BIG question facing everyone is “Do I have to pay employees when they are isolating and what support is available?”

Employee Burnout - The new worker pandemic?

Finding talent over the past year has become increasingly difficult. However, keeping good talent has also become crucial as we start to see the effects of the "Great Resignation". We've touched on the Great Resignation already in a previous blog post and from what we've seen, a contributing factor to this trend is employee burnout.

Vmr V Civil Aviation Authority 2021

Last month, a case came out of the Employment Court denying interim reinstatement for unvaccinated workers at Christchurch Airport.

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