On 8th November, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Iain Lees-Galloway introduced a Bill to Parliament extending paid parental leave to 26 weeks by 2020, saying it is a vitally important move to support working families with newborns and young children.

Employment Landscape Government

After nine years under a National Government, the employment landscape is about to be reshaped.  While Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens all had different policies and priorities coming into the 2017 election, they shared the commonality of being policies for the people.

Availability Case Fraser Mc Donalds Restaurants New Zealand Limited

This is the first case in which section 67D of the Employment Relations Act (regarding availability provisions) has been considered by the Employment Court.

Benefits Mediation

The EMA has released its annual analysis of personal grievance cases heard at the Employment Relations Authority, and again it was a sorry story for employers with employees’ winning 72% of cases.

Whats Mediation About

When an employment dispute or personal grievance arises it can be very stressful for everyone involved. With work being a big part of most people’s lives, it’s understandable that when there’s an employment relationship problem in the workplace, it is important that they are dealt with efficiently, respectfully, and in a way that creates the best possible chance that parties will be able to move on. It’s unlikely that both parties are going to be ecstatic about the outcomes of a mediation, however the aim is to achieve a settlement that both parties can live with.

Employees Paid Time Work Vote

Section 162 of the Electoral Act 1993 provides that employers are required to allow all their employees who are electors and who have not had a reasonable opportunity to vote on Election Day before starting work, to leave their work for the purpose of voting, no later than 3pm for the remainder of the day. An Employer cannot make deductions from the Employee’s remuneration for the time taken off.

57000 Fine Breach Minimum Employment Standards

This case highlights the heavy consequences and financial implications of knowingly breaching minimum employment standards.


We’re in expansion mode and are looking for Senior Associate – Collective Bargaining Expert to join our team.  The role involves collective bargaining, employment relations conflict resolution (including facilitating mediations), undertaking employment investigations, and representing our clients at Employment Institutions.

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