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Quad Bike Rider Fined Helmet

A Marlborough man has been fined $15,000 for not wearing a helmet while riding a quad bike at work – and for carrying a helmetless child as a passenger.

Dairy Farm Visits Show Majority Farmers Breaching Employment Laws

In total 44 farms were visited between December 2013 and early April 2014 and 31 were found to be in breach of minimum employment rights.

Case Random Drug Testing Policy Contrary Ca Unlawful

Key Decision – Electrical Union 2001 Inc v Mighty River Power Ltd

Employee Valid Trial Period Wins Disadvantage Claim 2

Ms Balmaceda was employed by Amphibian Swimming Academy Limited (the respondent) as a swimming instructor on 10 June 2013 until she was dismissed on 15 August 2013 pursuant to a 90 day trial provision in her employment agreement. Ms Balmaceda filed a personal grievance alleging unjustified action by the respondent which caused her disadvantage. The unjustified action was the refusal to pay her wages.

Employer Kiwisaver Contribution Employee Minimum Wage

Employers can agree with employees that they will pay KiwiSaver contributions on a “total remuneration” approach whereby their wages are inclusive of the employer’s contribution.

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