Katie Macnaught

Communications and HR Administration Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Human Services from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Katie has studied a psychology degree with a key interest in industrial and organisational psychology, leading her to begin her career in HR. Throughout her degree, she learnt about complex human behaviours and child, adolescent, and adult mental health, engaging in a range of research and using her critical analysis and problem-solving skills. With her background in mental health, she has extensive knowledge about investing in employee well-being and what that looks like in the workplace, and she continues to use the knowledge and skills she has gained from her degree in the workforce.

Katie recently joined the team at Three60 Consult in May 2023 as a Communication and HR Administration Coordinator to begin her professional career. Katie provides administrative and logistical support to all team members at Three60 to ensure they are well-supported to undertake their tasks. She mainly provides logistical support to associates in relation to client work and assists in supporting Three60 clients by performing HR/ER functions and documents. She also assists with implementing business development, marketing and supports current and prospective clients.