For employees, the law change means they can:

Paid Parental Leave Increases

From 1 July 2016 the maximum rate of paid parental leave for eligible employees and self-employed parents increased.

Dotting Is Crossing Ts 90 Day Trial Period

Speculation over the 90-day trial period and whether it is valid or not has come to light again with a recent case out of the Employment Relations Authority, see: Clark vs Lighthouse ECE Limited [2016] NZERA Auckland 281.

Pursuing Claim Human Rights Act Lucrative

A perception has developed among litigants and practitioners that pursuing a claim under the Human Rights Act has the potential to be more lucrative than under the Employment Relations Act (when the nature of the claim is such that it could be pursued either way). The question is, does this perception have any merit?

Training Workers Health Safety

Should a WorkSafe NZ Inspector come onto your site for an inspection (or after a serious incident), one of their requests will be to see your documentation to verify the training you have provided to your workers.  Can you put your hand on heart and say it’s all up to date???

Law Change Easter Sunday Shop Trading

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 is being amended to enable territorial authorities to decide whether retailers in their districts can open on Easter Sunday.

Daily Tariff Increases Employment Relations Authority

The Employment Relations Authority has issued a practice note regarding its calculation of costs awards.

Privacy Case Man Seeks Information Application Process

The Privacy Act gives people the right to see personal information that agencies hold about them. While this might appear straightforward, there are a number of circumstances where people and agencies disagree about what personal information the agency needs to disclose and what it can withhold.

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