Jessie is employed by Magic Hire Ltd, a company which hires out costumes. Jessie has 40 days of annual leave owing to her. The company has asked Jessie on a number of occasions to reduce the number of days owing to her. However, Jessie has not taken any leave.

A Cashing Week Annual Leave

An employee is entitled to four weeks of annual leave. The employee has a large amount of annual leave owing. Both the employer and the employee have agreed that the employee can cash up any portion of the annual leave entitlement.

Leadership Lessons Dancing Guy

This dancing guy message is short and simple, but true. In order to be a successful leader, you need to be able to create followers.

Case Employers Ordered Compensate Employee Sale Business

When a business is sold, staff must be clearly told what is to happen to their jobs. If employment is to end, the vendor employer must carry out a proper redundancy process. If the purchaser wishes to employ existing staff, it must enter into new employment agreements with those staff. A failure to tell employees exactly what is intended may result in both employers having to pay compensation and lost wages to any misled employees.

Case Facebook Pages Admissible Evidence

An employer who wanted to contest the truthfulness of an employee’s stated reason for taking sick leave successfully applied to the Employment Relations Authority for permission to put the employee’s Facebook pages recording the employee’s activities on the relevant dates into evidence. The Authority concluded that the evidence (although not available at the time the employee was dismissed) was relevant to the assessment of remedies, including the possibility of reinstatement, and allowed the evidence to be admitted.

Holiday Sick Leave Entitlements Casual Part Time Employees 2

In this article, we will address the following questions:

Employers Kiwisaver Contributions Deducted Minimum Wage

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal from an aged care provider that sought to deduct KiwiSaver compulsory employer contributions from the minimum wages it paid its caregivers.

Zealand Law Society Recommends Clarification Avoid Unnecessary Litigation

The New Zealand Law Society has recommended clarification of proposed changes to clauses in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

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