Section 4(1) of the Employment Relations Act 2000 imposes an absolute duty on the parties to an employment relationship not to mislead or deceive the other.

Working Home 2

An organisation may allow employees to work from home (or some other remote location) in a number of different circumstances. It may be part of an organisation’s encouragement of work-life balance; or it may be in response to an employee’s request for flexible working arrangements; or it may be temporary because the workplace is inaccessible or unavailable for some reason.

Contact Labour Inspector%E2%80%A8%E2%80%A8

Labour Inspectors make sure that employers operate within the law in relation minimum entitlements – that is things like minimum wages, annual leave, and public holidays.  They can take action to enforce minimum standards through the Employment Relations Authority.

Employment Relations Authority

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) is a more formal step to resolving an employment dispute or personal grievance if mediation doesn’t work. The ERA is an independent body set up to investigate workplace disputes. 

Both employers and employees can lodge an application in the ERA, the filing fee currently costs $71.56.

Employment Help

If you are having a dispute with your employer/employee you should first try and discuss it with them. This isn’t always easy but it is a necessary step towards solving any dispute. If you can’t resolve the problem with your employer/employee then you have a few other options available:

Restructuring Change Management Implement Justifiable Redundancy Process 2

Background: I own a motel that currently has 28 rooms. I work a few hours myself and I employ a permanent part-time manager. I also have three employees (the cleaners) who are part-time with variable hours who carry out cleaning, servicing rooms and “whatever” turns up on the day. The manager helps with those duties after dealing with administrative matters. I am converting half the rooms to apartments, so will only have a ten-room establishment. I will no longer need a part-time manager. Anticipating what is likely to happen, two of the cleaners have decided to return to study and have advised they will be terminating employment in two months’ time. After the conversion is carried out, I will be able to run the business with only two cleaners. The manager has become overbearing and I will be glad to give him notice of redundancy and work on my own again.

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