This Member’s Bill amends the Employment Relations Act 2000, to insert a new Part 6E to provide the following minimum statutory entitlements for employees in the event of dismissal for redundancy:

Credit Check Employee Breached Privacy

The Privacy Commissioner said it was not necessary, in terms of Principle 1 of the Privacy Act, for a credit check to be carried out on a woman who applied for a job as a part-time retail assistant with a large retail chain employer. The job application had been completed online on the store’s website. As part of the process she was required to consent to the store carrying out a credit check on her.

Rest Break Give Employee Leave Premises

An employee who, while she was on duty as bar manager, left the premises for only a few minutes to attend to personal matters was dismissed justifiably for serious misconduct.

Synthetic Cannabis Products Impact Workplace Drug Alcohol Policies

Months of testing synthetic cannabis products like Kronic have paved the way for workplace testing. Kirk Hardy from the NZ Drug Detection Agency joins Matthew Beattie from workplace behavioural healthcare company Instep to discuss the implications.

Calculation Holiday Pay Termination Employment

Question: An employee’s last working day is 31 May 2012. His next holiday anniversary date is 1 April 2013. His annual leave due to 31 March 2012 is 30 days at $200 per day ($6,000). His gross earnings for the period 1 April 2012 to 31 May 2012 are $10,000.

Fundamental Question Complainant

In a disciplinary investigation an employee has an absolute right to know exactly what allegations have been made against him or her but the employee has no absolute right to question the person who has made the allegations.

Dismissal Incompatibility

Question: My client B has an employee who B has come to thoroughly dislike. The employee is a black hole of self-pity and misery. B dreads seeing the employee in the morning and has reached the stage where everything the employee does drives B to distraction. The employee’s employment agreement provides for termination of employment on four weeks’ notice. Can B legally dismiss the employee with four weeks’ notice? If not, is there any other action B can take to remedy the matter?

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