There is no legal definition of part-time and casual employees. Generally speaking, part-time workers are employed on a permanent basis for less than the ordinary number of hours per week. Part-timers may, for example, work for a few hours a day or for a few days a week on an ongoing basis. Part-time workers have all the rights and entitlements of full-time workers.

Penalties For Employers Breaching Minimum Standards Are More Serious Than Ever

With tougher sanctions and penalties of up to $20,000 for each breach imposed on business owners, employers need to be confident they are meeting their minimum statutory obligations.

Holiday Sick Leave Entitlements Casual Part Time Employees 2

In this article, we will address the following questions:

Volunteer Employee

If you thought working for food or accommodation was volunteering, think again. By law, anyone working in return for food and accommodation is an employee in accordance with section 6 of the Employment Relations Act 2000.

Employment Agreements Crucial

There are a variety of different types of employment agreements that can apply to employment relationships, including:

Employment Landscape Government

After nine years under a National Government, the employment landscape is about to be reshaped.  While Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens all had different policies and priorities coming into the 2017 election, they shared the commonality of being policies for the people.

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