Taken from the movie “Up in the Air” with George Clooney, this clip gives an amusing example of how NOT to terminate someone’s employment.  This movie is full of very amusing but highly unlawful firing’s that would undoubtably lead to a personal grievance for unjustified dismissal if such techniques were attempted in New Zealand.

The Great Merger

Eight months ago, I joined Three60 Consult just as Auckland went into Lockdown. Like a lot of us, I thought it would be a short, sharp COVID battle and I remember optimistically suggesting to my boss that we push my start date out for a week.  Thank goodness she rejected my offer! Starting a new job in lockdown had its challenges, but returning to the office after an extended period, as many of us have found, presented just as many. It was a full six months after my start date before I finally sat at my desk. Even then, the emergence of Omicron meant the whole team was not able to come together. Rather, we worked in mini team bubbles. Today as I write, eight months have passed since my start date and I’m finally seeing the full team come together on a more regular basis.

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