Question: An employee has had a workplace accident. The employee has sick leave available. I understand they are entitled to be paid for the first week (or part thereof) to compensate them for lost earnings, at 80% of what they would have earned that week. Can an employee choose to receive sick leave rather than 80% of their standard wage when they have a workplace accident?

Suspension Sick Leave

Question: If an employer requests that an employee stay at home, or go home, because he or she is unwell or unfit for work, is this time off deemed to be sick leave and therefore able to be deducted from the employee’s entitlement or is the employee to be treated as having been suspended from work?

New Sick Leave Entitlements: Making a Healthier Workplace?

The topic of employee wellbeing has grown louder over the last few years. Now, it’s about to be even louder. While not officially law, the Holidays Amendment Bill has now passed its third reading and is currently awaiting Royal Assent, which means it’s safe to say that it’s on its way.

Holiday Sick Leave Entitlements Casual Part Time Employees 2

In this article, we will address the following questions:

Authority Examines Validity Sickness Certificate

An employer was ordered to pay an employee wage arrears for four days’ sick leave taken in March 2014 despite the fact the employee only produced vague medical certificates to justify the leave in April 2014.

Snow Absenteeism Do

There is no provision in the employees’ employment agreements that covers this exact event but there is a provision in our sick leave policies requiring the employee to contact the employer if the employee is unable to work. Do I have to pay the employees who did not come to work?

Labour Inspectors hitting hard on Minimum Entitlements

Minimum entitlements are a long-established feature of the employment landscape in New Zealand and cannot be unknown to employers. Although calculating and paying bereavement, alternative days, public holidays and sick leave sounds simple enough, it is actually quite easy to get wrong – as has been demonstrated in multiple Authority and Employment Court cases.

Case Facebook Pages Admissible Evidence

An employer who wanted to contest the truthfulness of an employee’s stated reason for taking sick leave successfully applied to the Employment Relations Authority for permission to put the employee’s Facebook pages recording the employee’s activities on the relevant dates into evidence. The Authority concluded that the evidence (although not available at the time the employee was dismissed) was relevant to the assessment of remedies, including the possibility of reinstatement, and allowed the evidence to be admitted.

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