Posted on: Oct 16, 2017

The EMA has released its annual analysis of personal grievance cases heard at the Employment Relations Authority, and again it was a sorry story for employers with employees’ winning 72% of cases.

The average national award for hurt and humiliation has increased to just over $7,000 compared to $6,334 in the previous year.  Hurt and humiliation awards for constructive dismissal claims were reported to be higher with an average national award of nearly $8,000.  At the lower end of the scale the average national award for disadvantage claims was $4,797.

On average, it will cost employers around $50,000 to lose a personal grievance case in the Authority.  This includes the awards to the employee, a contribution to the employee’s legal costs and the employer’s own legal costs.  Even if the employer wins the case, it still costs around $12,000 for legal fees and expenses (after the employee has paid a contribution towards the employer’s costs).

In light of this, we thought it would be worthwhile highlighting the benefits of mediation, and provide a summary into how the process works.  To read more about mediation and the benefits of this process for resolving disputes click here.



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