Posted on: Oct 27, 2015

October 21, 2015
The Human Rights Commission has welcomed plans to set up a working group to develop agreed principles on pay equity for all sectors of the economy.

Employers and unions agreed this week to a Government proposal to set up a Joint Working Group to develop principles to deal with pay equity claims under the Equal Pay Act.

“This is an historic first step to achieving a zero gender pay gap. Just as we led the world in women winning the right to vote in 1893, we can also lead the world in pay equity,” said EEO Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue.

“Pay equity where jobs are valued according to skill, effort and responsibility will benefit generations of women, their families, community and economy.”

In 2012, the Human Rights Commission’s Caring Counts Report highlighted pay inequity in the aged care workforce.

“The Commission congratulates all individuals, organisations and unions for continuing to fight for the right of New Zealand women to be paid fairly for the work they do,” said Dr Blue.

“We also pay tribute to employers and to Government for listening and responding positively to continued calls for pay equity.  The working group is a milestone for New Zealand women and one we can all take pride in.”

Source: Human Rights Commission


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