Posted on: Apr 11, 2013

Businesses can receive a 10% reduction in their annual Work Levy.

ACC has expanded its ‘Workplace Safety Discount Programme’, which offers levy discounts to businesses with demonstrated workplace health and safety experience and practices.  The programme is now open to all small to medium-sized businesses and self-employed people. Previously, it was aimed at those working in identified, high-risk industries.

“We know that small businesses really feel the impact of a staff member being injured, and — like all employers — want their staff to go home at the end of the day.  By expanding the programme, we want to encourage more small businesses to improve their workplace safety and reduce work-related injuries,” says ACC’s General Manager of Insurance and Prevention Services, John Beaglehole.  “In return, businesses can receive a 10% reduction in their annual Work Levy, which ACC collects to help meet the cost of work-related injuries.”

John says all self-employed people, and any business with a total annual payroll of $537,000 or less, or ten or fewer full-time employees, can now apply for a Workplace Safety Discount.

To qualify, applicants must complete a self-assessment form, showing they have appropriate experience and current practices in areas such as:

  • hazard identification and management
  • incident and accident investigation
  • employee training in health and safety matters
  • emergency management procedures

John says this experience can be gained on-the-job, or through a health and safety training course. And if businesses need help sourcing appropriate training or developing appropriate workplace safety practices, ACC can point them in the right direction.

“The assessment framework itself will help businesses see the sorts of things they can do to improve workplace safety — so if we can encourage more businesses to get the right training and develop effective safety practices for their workplace, that will be a great outcome.”

ACC-approved auditors will check applications, and some workplaces may be asked to complete a phone or onsite-audit to confirm that they qualify for the levy discount.

ACC wants to work with businesses to make New Zealand a safer place to go to work.

“New Zealand has a comparatively high rate of workplace injuries, and injuries can happen in any workplace. So broadening the scope of Workplace Safety Discount is a positive step towards addressing this.”

ACC also offers a ‘Workplace Safety Management Practices’ programme, aimed at larger businesses.

Source: Accident Compensation Corporation



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