Lynn Booker

Senior Associate

Lynn provides the team at Three60 Consult and our clients with quality employment relations expertise. As a Labour Inspector with the Department of Labour (now MBIE), she investigated claims of breaches of minimum entitlements, exploitation of vulnerable workers and general inspection complaints. This role included interviewing and investigating complaints, forensically examining information and evidence, reaching an opinion or in some cases making a determination.

Having been a Mediator at MBIE for nearly 10 years and mediating approximately 2000 matters, Lynn is highly experienced in conflict resolution. Lynn has mediated the full spectrum of employment and work related matters, including on-going employment relationship problems, disputes arising out of interpretation of collective agreements, recovery actions, personal grievances, collective bargaining and grievances that arose out of a principal/contractor arrangement.

In her role as Labour Inspector and as a Mediator, Lynn also wrote and delivered training to external stakeholders to enable them to understand rights and responsibilities and put in place processes to ensure best employment practices.

At Three60 Consult, Lynn is developing the mediation practice, assisting our clients in conflict resolution and undertaking investigations. Lynn also works with employers to assist them in best practice processes and procedures to put them in the best possible position to conduct their employment related processes in line with the requirements of the legislation and limit the risk an employer may have if there is a dispute.