Our Business Partners in the ER Support Team operate as an integral part of your business, providing dependable guidance and support to assist you in creating high performing people and effective workplace relationships.

Here’s an overview of how our Business Partners can support you and your team.

Legislation & Practice Advice

We stay up to date with current employment legislation so you don’t have to

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Employment Agreements & Policies

We help you determine the appropriate type of agreement to use and can draft customised employment agreements and policies to suit your needs

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Discipline & Performance Management

With our guidance, your disciplinary and performance-related issues can be overcome, reducing your risks along the way

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Personal Grievances & Disputes

We take a pragmatic approach by guiding you to reach a fair and reasonable settlement to resolve your employment relationship problems

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Restructuring & Redundancy

We support you to identify your staffing needs, determine an appropriate new structure and help you undertake a fair and engaging change process

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Bullying & Harassment

We work with you to build effective policies and procedures, and educate your people to help prevent these behaviours from damaging your workplace

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Health & Safety

We create and implement Health and Safety Policies, systems and processes, undertake audits and conduct training so you can keep your people safe

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Recruitment & Selection

We create job descriptions, advertise, source and screen applicants, conduct interviews, reference check, negotiate offers and draft agreements

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Drug & Alcohol

Through design and implementation of Drug and Alcohol Policies, we assist with the management of drug and alcohol related problems in the workplace

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