We understand how difficult it is when there is a dispute or conflict in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter.  We also believe that we can add value by assisting people to overcome their problems, achieving prompt and successful outcomes so everyone can move forward.

Workplace conflict is a distraction in the business and if not resolved quickly it can escalate. This can cause increased dissatisfaction, decreased productivity, factions within the workplace with people “taking sides” and potential risks for employer and employee.

As such, we are now offering the following extensive services in dispute resolution.

Private Mediations

Facilitating private mediations is a powerful mechanism to assist parties to resolve their differences and learn how to positively move forward

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We can help you get to the core of a workplace problem by undertaking a fair, robust and unbiased investigation to determine the facts

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Conflict resolution through team facilitation and individual coaching

We work with your people to establish a customised process to explore the conflict in a non-threatening environment

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Personal Grievances & Disputes

We take a pragmatic approach by guiding you to reach a fair and reasonable settlement to resolve your employment relationship problems

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Bullying & Harassment

We work with you to build effective policies and procedures, and educate your people to help prevent these behaviours from damaging your workplace

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