We are passionate about developing people, and the advantages training and development brings to the organisation.  Whether it’s building management capability, developing awareness of appropriate workplace behaviours, or improving health and safety, the benefits will prevail.

Our team follows a needs-based approach to ensure your organisation’s requirements are understood, from which a customised programme is uniquely created.  From senior executive teams, through to operational managers and non-managerial staff, participants will learn a range of practical skills that will make a noticeable difference in your workplace.

Customised Training

Anything’s possible, we can create customised modules to meet all your specific training needs

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Health & Safety Training

We design and implement Health and Safety policies, systems and processes, undertake Health and Safety audits and conduct training so you can keep your people healthy and safe

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Legislative Updates

We can help your managers understand ‘good faith’, and the key parts of NZ employment legislation and how it applies to your workplace

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ER/HR Processes

From interviewing new recruits to running a disciplinary meeting and everything in between, we can train your managers to become skilled with the hands-on HR tasks

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Understanding Bullying & Harassment

We educate your employees and managers to help prevent destructive behaviours from damaging your workplace relationships

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