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Our negotiators are recognised experts in collective bargaining and are leading employment relations' strategists.

Collective bargaining is all about the negotiation process between unions and employers regarding the terms and conditions of collective employment agreements.

Effective collective bargaining can significantly improve productivity in the workplace by ensuring negotiations are efficient, strategic planning is implemented, and employment relationships are protected throughout the process.  We believe in interest-based bargaining to create positive results, maintaining workplace relationships, and maximising engagement.

We can assist with the entire bargaining process, including when the process becomes strained and reaches an impasse. We have a highly-regarded reputation in industrial and union relations and extensive experience in collective bargaining. 

With our assistance and advice, you will achieve long-term solutions and the strategic direction you need to streamline your bargaining process, enabling an equitable settlement that satisfies the interests of both parties.

Collective Employment Agreements

Ensuring collective agreements are drafted clearly with an experienced eye to ensure all the little details that make a big difference are considered.

Industrial Relations Strategy

Our interest-based approach provides you with positive results while maintaining healthy workplace relationships.


Our experienced mediators can facilitate private mediation to help progress the bargaining process and positively conclude a collective agreement. 

Our Collective Bargaining Team

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