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Our conflict resolution experts provide experienced and tailored solutions for all types of conflict.

We understand how stressful and difficult it is when there is a dispute or conflict in the workplace. It can be a distraction in the business, and if not resolved quickly and sustainably, it can escalate. Conflict causes increased dissatisfaction, decreased productivity, frictions within the workplace, reduced wellbeing in individuals and teams, and potential legal risks for employers and employees.

We can tackle a conflict at any level. Our team of conflict resolution experts can assist through investigations, coaching and/or meditating.

We don't have one process for everyone. We will work with you to establish a customised strategy to help deal with workplace conflicts.

Conflict coaching

Our experienced coaches work with individuals one on one to help them develop tools to navigate conflict situations

Bullying & Harassment

We can help you develop effective policies and procedures to help avoid toxic workplace behaviours, investigate allegations or work to repair impacted relationships.

Personal Grievances & Disputes

We take a pragmatic approach to resolve grievances and disputes quickly to avoid any further costs or stress.

Pulse Checks

Where there isn’t clear allegations but there are clear problems within a team, we can provide a confidential process to draw out themes and make recommendations to address the issues


Our expert experience means we can help parties resolve their differences and positively move forward.

Our Conflict Resolution Team

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