Our expert experience means we can help parties resolve their differences and positively move forward.

Through a flexible and collaborative process, we can help you work towards a satisfying conclusion.

Mediation is a process for individuals or groups who are involved in a conflict.

After identifying the issue, a solution that enables both parties to move forward is critical in the ongoing success of any business. 

Through our services, you will work with one of our experienced mediators to discuss the problems, identify key issues and explore practical ways to resolve or manage the conflict.  No matter how complex or entrenched a case is, we believe mediation is a powerful tool in assisting parties to resolve their differences.

The process is flexible, with our mediators adapting to the parties’ needs and creating solutions-based outcomes.

Type of mediations we can assist with:

  • Relationships in the workplace
  • Conflict between colleagues
  • Conflict between teams
  • Conflict between managers and their direct reports
  • High level executives and boards
  • Personal Grievances
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Conflict Coaching (one on one)
  • Any other matter relating to conflict or disagreements
Conflict Coaching

Our experienced coaches work with individuals one on one to help them develop tools to navigate conflict situations


We can provide the support necessary to ensure discussions between parties are constructive and achieve a cohesive understanding of the situation.

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Whilst we are located in Auckland, our clients are based throughout Australia, Auckland, Christchurch and everywhere in between. If you’re outside of Auckland and need employment relations advice, advocacy or assistance, we travel or work remotely. Give us a call, send an email to the office, or email a member of our team (from Our People page) and we will promptly answer your query.

Our Mediation Team
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