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We stay up to date with current employment legislation, so you don't have to.

There are over ten different ER legislative Acts that are related to employees and the workplace. The costs of not complying with legislation can quickly pile up. Penalty fees, reparations, legal costs, and compensation can make significant financial dents. 

With every change of government, a new series of amendment bills is ignited. Minimum wage entitlements, employment conditions, health and safety regulations, privacy principles, human rights, and holiday pay are frequently amended.

Three60 stays up to date with current employment legislation. We work closely with clients, providing legal advice, guidance, and representation. By allowing us to get to know your business inside and out, we can proactively identify potential risk areas and put in place strategies to mitigate those risks before any issues arise. 

Employer Representation

Our experienced team can represent you as an employer, both inhouse and externally.

Employee Representation

If you are an employee and feel your rights are not being upheld, our team can represent you. 

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