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When you find yourself shorthanded in the HR department, we'll be straight in to help.

Your HR department is accountable for managing the workforce. A short-staffed HR department can mean issues go unresolved, employee satisfaction goes into decline, resulting in disruption and poor productivity across the workplace. 

Fortunately, Three60 can supply in-house HR and ER assistance to those who need a more robust HR department. We will provide ongoing support and take on tasks necessary to build a healthy and productive working environment. 

By engaging with us, you will be electing us to be one of your own. 

Discipline & Performance Management

Disciplinary processes and performance management can be challenging. With our guidance, we can help you navigate these processes safely and successfully.

Personal Grievances & Disputes

We take a pragmatic approach to personal grievances and disputes to minimise cost and stress.

Restructuring & Redundancy

By identifying your needs, we can develop and implement restructuring processes that best align with your goals.

Bullying & Harassment

We can help you develop effective policies and procedures to help avoid toxic workplace behaviours.

Drugs & Alcohol

Through our flexible processes, we can build an effective policy that will assist in managing drug and alcohol problems in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution

Our conflict resolution experts provide experienced and tailored solutions for all types of conflict.


Our experienced and licenced investigation specialists conduct robust and thoughtful investigations providing employers with useful information with the least amount of disruption to the workplace.

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