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Our experienced and licenced investigation specialists conduct robust and thoughtful investigations providing employers with useful information with the least amount of disruption to the workplace.

When a complaint is made in your workplace about inappropriate conduct or behaviour of an employee or a group of employees, you have an obligation to treat the matter seriously and deal with it promptly and sensitively.

Part of this responsibility is to investigate all the relevant facts and ensure your response is appropriate. However, identifying the truth of a disputed matter is rarely a straightforward process.

As external investigators, we undertake investigations that are procedurally fair, logical, consistent, sufficiently detailed, and free from bias.  Our expert investigators have experience dealing with complaints from operational to senior executive and board level across various industries. 

After engaging with our experienced investigators, you will have the comfort of knowing that our processes will be legally robust and your people will be treated with care. Our detailed investigation reports can then be used to determine how to best respond to allegations and what action (if any) needs to be taken. Through our guidance, your workplace investigation will stand up to external scrutiny should any personal grievance arise.

Our flexible approach to problem-solving means we will investigate within boundaries set on your terms. We treat every investigation with the appropriate degree of dedication and discretion. 

We are licensed private investigators under the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority.

Wrongdoing allegations

Allegations of misconduct against anyone on your team should be dealt with immediately to avoid further disruption or consequence.

Bullying & Harassment

We will thoroughly investigate any accusations of bullying and harassment, identifying toxic behaviours within the workplace.

Code of conduct investigations

Our investigations will observe whether or not employees are behaving within the guidelines set by your organisation's expectations.

Pulse check

This less formal approach will examine the broader aspects of your business' culture.

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