Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is the negotiation between unions and employers to come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of employment.

Effective collective bargaining can significantly improve productivity in the workplace by avoiding industrial disputes and personal grievances, and by having employees and unions who are satisfied with the overall working conditions.  We believe in interest based bargaining to create positive results, maintaining workplace relationships and maximising engagement.

We have developed a highly-regarded reputation in industrial and union relations, with extensive experience in collective bargaining. Our team will provide you with the strategic direction and advice you need to streamline your bargaining process, enabling an equitable settlement that satisfies the interests of both parties.

Our interest based approach to collective bargaining:

  • Provides an effective long term strategy for managing constructive union relationships
  • Encourages strategic planning to achieve “win win” outcomes and creative results
  • Plays a vital role in preventing and settling strikes, lockouts and other industrial disputes (which can otherwise result in huge losses of productivity and morale)
  • Speeds up the bargaining process, reaching settlement and concluding a collective agreement with greater ease

Collective bargaining is a complex process, however, we have specialist knowledge that can assist you in the achievement of successful results.

My association with Three60 Consult (formerly Paul Diver Associates) goes back some 20 years.  We engage Paul and his team for a variety of assignments, mainly around the Industrial Relations and Employment Relations area, as specialist advisors and for management training.  On the Industrial Relations side, Paul provides expertise as our strategic advisor and as bargaining Advocate.  Paul’s wealth of knowledge in the IR area, together with his credibility with many union officials, assists us in the development of our bargaining strategy approach, and in managing some complex bargaining situations, often leading to faster results.

Marion Etches – HR Manager NZ

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