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We are finding that it is becoming more common that organisations are seeking to introduce drug and alcohol testing policies in the workplace. We’re also seeing more employees raising concerns over colleagues being potentially unfit for work, and the potential to jeopardise safety because of it.

While certainly achievable, implementing a drug and alcohol testing policy needs to be done correctly, or it won’t be enforceable. There are many specific details the policy must include, and given the scientific and highly sensitive nature, having some expert assistance is a good idea.

The extensiveness of your drug and alcohol policy will depend upon your workplace environment, for example, random testing should only be applied to employees in safety-sensitive areas of work. We can assess what would be appropriate, and guide you through the options you’ll need to consider. From here, we will build you an appropriate drug and alcohol policy, outlining the grounds for testing, testing protocols, who will conduct the testing, the consequences of failing a test, and any rehabilitation options that may be available.

As with the introduction of any new policy, thorough employee consultation will need to occur first. This will inevitably slow down the implementation process, but it’s important that your employees have a genuine opportunity to be involved in the development of the final policy. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your people and your workplace healthy and safe, together as a team.

Lexel have always found the guidance and advice from Three60 Consult (formerly Paul Diver Associates) of great value and I have no hesitation recommending them to others.

Peter Young, GM Technology Solutions Group (TSG)

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