Employment Agreements & Policies

We believe the employment agreement and policies create the foundations for any employment relationship.  These documents are fundamental in guiding the parties through the lifecycle of employment, establishing the agreed terms and conditions, processes to follow, and the obligations by which each party is bound. Clearly written employment agreements and policies can help reduce the risk of misunderstandings and personal grievances.

You must provide your employees with a written employment agreement and retain a signed copy of the employment agreement, or the current agreed terms and conditions of employment. This applies to both individual and collective employment agreements.

We can work with you to determine the appropriate type of employment agreement for your circumstances and provide you with a customised agreement to suit.  It is vital that you get this right as there are particular requirements for casual, fixed term and contractor agreements, and if you get these wrong, your temporary resources can end up as permanent employees by default.  With the new employment standards legislation, it is also more important now, more than ever, to have carefully drafted employment agreements which accurately reflect individual arrangements.

We understand the requirements of the Employment Relations Act 2000, and can help your organisation prepare robust documentation for establishing and managing successful workplace relationships.

I believe that key to successful employment relations is to use someone from Three60 Consult (formerly Paul Diver Associates) who is up to date with the current legislation and is available for professional and independent advice when the going gets sticky.

Thomas Müller – Managing Director

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