Mediations in Collective Bargaining

When the parties to collective bargaining are having difficulty reaching agreement or are at an impasse, our mediators may be able to assist the parties to get past the deadlock and through to agreement.  You can involve a mediator at any stage of the bargaining process (if mutually agreed), including right from the beginning.  This may be particularly helpful where the parties have a history of difficult negotiations.

We are particularly experienced in collective bargaining situations and our mediators can work with the parties to change the dynamics in the negotiation, utilising their knowledge of impasse breaking strategies to get discussions moving in the right direction.

Anna has exceptional skills in working with employees to diffuse work place conflicts. She tailors her support to the individual requirement of the situation and the outcome has been a greater insight into relationship dynamics, a reduction in stress levels and improved working relationships for those involved.

Leonie Orr, HR Manager / Payroll

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