Personal Grievances & Disputes

An employment relationship problem, personal grievance or dispute can arise at any time during employment, or from the termination thereof.  The most common personal grievances we see are those of unjustified disadvantage and unjustified dismissal.  Employment disputes also commonly occur over the application, interpretation, and enforcement of an employment agreement.

If you are faced with a personal grievance or dispute, it is in your best interest to resolve it quickly. We understand the costs and stress that continue to escalate the longer these matters are left unresolved.  The problem is, normally the expectations of what is considered a reasonable outcome will vary greatly between the parties, and this is where we come in.  We take a pragmatic approach to assist you in resolving the claim by assessing the risks, estimating the likely outcome, identifying potential costs, and guiding you to reach a reasonable settlement.

Around half of all employment relationship problems are resolved informally, without the need to attend a mediation, or the Employment Relations Authority. This is the ‘ideal’ that we aim for, and is an outcome we frequently achieve.

We can provide risk assessments and legal opinions, facilitated negotiations, representation at Mediation and the Employment Relations Authority, settlement agreements, employee exit packages, and everything in between. We will focus on assisting you to achieve a prompt and fair resolution to your employment relationship problem, maximising any win-win opportunities that we discover along the way.

Three60 Consult (formerly Paul Diver Associates) provides us with continual support, guidance and professional advice in relation to our, sometimes difficult, ER issues.  We consistently get given the right advice that’s best for our company, meaning we always seem to come out on top.  We are so thankful for this advice and consider the team at Three60 Consult as valuable members of our TS family.

Geoff Plunkett – Payroll HR Manager

Bronwyn Campbell – Area Manager New Zealand

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