Private Mediations

Mediation is a process for individuals or groups, who are in any type of conflict, to work with a mediator to discuss the problems, identify key issues and explore practical ways to resolve or manage the conflict.  No matter how complex or entrenched a matter is, we believe mediation is a powerful tool in assisting parties to resolve their differences and find a way to positively move forward.  The process is a flexible one, with our mediators adapting to the needs of the parties and enabling solutions based outcomes.

You can call one of our mediators directly to discuss if mediation is appropriate.

Type of mediations we can assist with:

    • Relationships in the workplace
    • Conflict between colleagues
    • Conflict between teams
    • Conflict between managers and their direct reports
    • High level executives and boards
    • Personal Grievances
    • Bullying and Harassment
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Conflict Coaching (one on one)
    • Any other matter relating to conflict or disagreements

Our Mediators

Lynn Booker – Senior Associate

p: 021 740 060

Lynn Booker is a highly regarded mediator who has extensive mediation experience in both the public and private sectors. Lynn is an engaging and skilful mediator who has conducted over 2,000 mediations including work in high profile matters, collective bargaining disputes, employment relationship problems at all levels, personal grievances and disputes. Lynn is an excellent mediator as she understands parties' needs and can navigate them towards a successful outcome. Lynn has a strong understanding of the employment relations context and legal requirements. This enables her to provide robust risk assessments and actively engage with parties regarding options for resolution. Parties appreciate Lynn’s warm but direct and tenacious approach to mediation. Lynn is an accredited member of the Resolution Institute.

Anna Jones – CEO and Director

Bachelor of Laws and Arts from the University of Auckland

p: 021 485 120

Anna Jones has extensive experience in mediation and conflict coaching. Anna has conducted over 3,000 mediations across a number of jurisdictions including employment, commercial, human rights, sport, weathertight and tenancy. She skilfully assists groups of people and individuals to overcome conflict through both traditional mediation meetings and/or one-on-one coaching. Anna is known as an engaged and persistent mediator who quickly gains parties’ trust as she expertly guides them towards resolution. Anna is on the Advanced Accreditation Mediation Panel with the Resolution Institute.

Campbell Gourlay – Business Partner

p: 021 846 325

Campbell has extensive experience with conflict resolution, gained within a Policing and Commercial setting. His strengths lie in his ability to quickly gain and build the trust of parties involved in a conflict, combined with a willingness to explore the development of pragmatic solutions. Currently, Campbell's primary area of work is in the area of ongoing employment relationships.

James Crichton – Employment Law Specialist

p: 027 222 1265

James describes mediation as his first love. He has extensive experience as a private mediator both within the employment arena and in other areas of the economy. He was part of the Weathertight Homes mediation’s panel and has experience in other commercial mediations as well. As a member of the Employment Relations Authority for 15 years, he was actively involved in the provision of facilitation, a statutory form of mediation for collective bargaining difficulties. As one of the Three60 Consult team, he is accepting mediations appointments now.

Anna has exceptional skills in working with employees to diffuse work place conflicts. She tailors her support to the individual requirement of the situation and the outcome has been a greater insight into relationship dynamics, a reduction in stress levels and improved working relationships for those involved.

Leonie Orr, HR Manager / Payroll

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