Restructuring & Redundancy

Change is now an essential component for success in business.  Keeping ahead of the game and effectively managing change within your organisation comes down to strategy and consultation.  We can help you with both.

Our team are vastly experienced in change management and can offer you an unbiased, external view on your proposed strategy.  We can work with you to identify your resourcing needs, determine a new structure that meets the goals of the organisation, and nut out the finer details like amendments to job descriptions and reporting lines.

Before any changes are implemented, potentially impacted people need to be consulted with.  Successful change management is more than providing a proposal, and seeking feedback.  While there’s a standard, tick the box process for consultation, we will help you engage with your people in a more meaningful way, gathering their valuable insights, and bringing them through the journey of change.

Successfully restructuring your business requires effective processes and specialist skills. We can provide your business with best practice advice and support, ensuring significant risks are minimised and business outcomes are achieved.  We will be happy to discuss a recommended approach with you, and explore a variety of options that will help your organisation best meet its goals.

In an ever changing environment of legislation, case law, compliance, good faith bargaining and unchartered waters, it is reassuring to work with a party that knows their stuff, can provide creditable insight and advice on key decisions, strategies and assist with road mapping the way forward. Three60 Consult (formerly Paul Diver Associates) are such a team. A consultancy who know our business, understand our people, our culture and our objectives. Who tell us what we need to know, not necessarily what we want to hear.

Jackie Kennedy – Executive Assistant

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