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Recent case: Random drug testing policy contrary to Collective Agreement was unlawful

Key Decision – Electrical Union 2001 Inc v Mighty River Power Ltd An employer that introduced random drug testing in a policy promulgated after the collective agreement covering affected employees was entered into was not able to do anything when an employee declined to submit to a random test. The policy was unilaterally imposed and it […]

Recent case: Drug testing unfair

A company’s failure to comply with the provisions of the drug policy covering its employees led to findings that the employees had been unjustifiably dismissed and demonstrates that employers, as much as employees, are bound by work policies. The company arranged, on separate occasions, for drug tests to be carried out on two employees, the […]

Synthetic cannabis products and the impact on workplace drug & alcohol testing

Months of testing synthetic cannabis products like Kronic have paved the way for workplace testing. Kirk Hardy from the NZ Drug Detection Agency joins Matthew Beattie from workplace behavioural healthcare company Instep to discuss the implications.

Drug and Alcohol Policies

The case law is relatively clear regarding drug and alcohol policies and it’s important that you get all elements right or it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on! In general, it is legitimate for an employer to introduce a drug and alcohol policy to the workplace, provided that the policy: a)    Is not […]

Requirements of Drug and Alcohol Policies

There are two major Employment Court cases on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace:  NZ Amalgamated Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union Inc v Air New Zealand Ltd (‘Air NZ”) and Maritime Union of New Zealand Inc v TLNZ Ltd (“MUNZ”). The law is relatively clear following these cases that, in general, it is legitimate […]