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Let’s talk about pay: trends and changes to wage/salary negotiations

Money, money, money. A concept that both employers and employees can probably agree is one of the most important elements of working and business, and also something that can get stuck in your head, either in a good way or a bad way (similar to an ABBA song).  Money and pay are an integral part […]

Reflections on the 1951 Waterfront Workers strike/lockout

“Never A White Flag”, the memoirs of Jock Barnes, the leader of the 1951 Waterfront Workers strike/lockout – was the war cry of New Zealand’s longest industrial dispute, and according to the waterfront workers it was a lockout, not a strike. What I learned when reading Barnes’ account was that much of what the union […]

Employment legislation changes

15 March 2019: A significant number of changes have recently been introduced into the legislation governing employment relationships.  Some of these changes have already taken effect, whilst there are further changes coming in April, May and June this year. It is important that employers understand the changes and put in place the right mechanisms, documents and […]

Parallel Disciplinary Investigations

At times, we come across employee’s representatives who wish to conduct their own investigation into a misconduct matter, in parallel with the employer’s investigation.  This is in an attempt to assist the employee to adequately respond to allegations made against them.  Often, this may include the request to interview other employees and potentially customers, and […]

Improving flexibility in collective bargaining

Some of the current rules around collective bargaining limit choice, flexibility and the effectiveness of the bargaining process.  The Government has announced that they intend to make a number of improvements to the Employment Relations Act this term to help provide a fair and flexible environment, including: Remove the requirement to conclude collective bargaining Remove […]

Cabinet approves sleepovers agreement

12 September 2011, Tony Ryall The Government will contribute $90m towards phasing in the minimum wage for disability support workers on overnight sleepover shifts. Health Minister Tony Ryall says: “Cabinet this morning agreed to provide $90 million towards phasing in minimum wage rates by July 2013, and $27.5 million towards the back pay liabilities of […]